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The Apiary

WHAT’S BUZZING: Of bees and joyous get-togethers

For more elaborate celebrations and events, the Apiary invites one to step away from the bustling city and into the embrace of nature and tranquillity. Nestled within lush surroundings, the 160-person venue space features abundant natural light with its tall glass panels alongside a curated selection of halal and non-halal menus and packages. More than just bringing people together, the Apiary’s highlight extends to its patio’s live beehive, home to a colony of stingless bees which provides an opportunity for guests to observe and learn more about bees as well as honey-making


A hot favourite for many, the pavilion can be converted into a flexible use event space that’s able to host everything from private bookings of events, activities, weddings, celebration, and parties. Click here for the rates